Take Your KidMin to the Next Level.

KidMinSecure™ uses advanced fingerprint technology, offering a simple touch of the parent’s/guardian’s finger to check children in and out.

Fingerprint images are not stored, and no children are fingerprinted. Our system provides a secure identification solution that eliminates stress and cumbersome printed name tags and associated paper processes while keeping your ministry program compliant.

Gone are the days of searching through mountains of paper records or keeping up with costly inventory for printers, name tags or printer ink. Instead, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily access current and historical information on-demand.

Empower your church and children’s ministry to be more efficient and secure by avoiding lost information, wasted time or a potential lawsuit because all data is managed and stored digitally on KidMinSecure.

With KidMinSecure you’ll always know which child is checked in or out of your ministry group, giving your staff, parents or guardians, and children peace of mind.


Fingerprint ID provides secure child check-in/check-out


Communicating directly via your phone provides discreet notifications


Digital attendance records allows for one-click, on-demand tracking

Securely simplify your Children’s Ministry program today.

With KidMinSecure, your children’s ministry program is always in the know. Easily share activity reports, class attendance lists, special notifications such as food or medication allergies, staff and teacher status and program information, as well as parent/guardian communications. Staying compliant has never been so simple.